Genome of Innovation - GI

Methodology  conceived to take an idea from mind to market in 6 steps.

The Genome of Innovation methodology was conceived based on the principles of Neuroscience and was developed by the author from experiences, knowledge, mistakes and successes experienced over more than 20 years of career, interacting with inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers from over 80 Countries.


Purpose of GI methodology

The Genome of Innovation methodology - GI is the methodological basis of the "Humanized Self-Leadership and Innovative Business Program "and applies the principles of Neuroscience to obtain the most efficient results.

The main purpose of the GI methodology already applied in dozens of workshops and courses is not only to help entrepreneurs to create innovative and profitable businesses but, in the first place, to form Humanized Self-Leaders, that is, people capable of managing their personal and professional lives with self-confidence, self-control , self-knowledge and empathy, inspiring others to get the best of themselves.

The GI methodology is based on the principle that people's well-being comes before profit and that it makes no sense to run a company thinking only about delivering value to customers, but imposing on employees an unfavorable and unhealthy work environment.

The methodology is based on the principle that, before leading people, it is necessary to lead oneself and that the solutions offered must be people-centered, collaboratively built and permanently remodeled, following the speed of changes in society's behavior patterns.

In an Entrepreneurial Expedition consisting of 6 scales, the GI methodology can be applied to educational institutions for teachers, students and managers, as well as to companies, Startups and Governments, aiming to obtain the best results in all key performance indicators used to measure success .

The Genome Innovation Methodology is fully aligned with the ESG principles, which include respect for ethical and moral principles, respect for the rights of consumers and employees, the environment, non-agreement to work with companies, startups and other institutions and public institutions that practice the exploitation of slave and child labor and all others included in them.

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